We’re a specialist recruitment consultancy focused on delivering professional hires to industry. Our values are evident in all that we do, developing long term relationships with Client’s and Resources through an unparalleled service delivered with integrity, innovation, passion and mutual respect. We always aim for excellence. We actively seek feedback. We’re innovative and compliant at creating and building effective working relationships.

Our strengths lie in our ability to understand the markets we work in and therefore to appreciate what’s driving our Client’s hiring decisions and the Resource’s job search motivations.

When a Client is looking for a specific type of professional, we’re able to supply a shortlist of Resource’s that are not necessarily available on the market but would consider a move for the right opportunity. By bringing this advantage to our Client’s, we’ve consistently reduced both the time to hire and cost per hire.

Our team is focused and goal-oriented, always looking to progress to the next level and committed to developing new capabilities to match the increasingly diverse and specific demands of our Client’s and Resources across the world. The challenge of a critical hunt excites us. We then go deep down in our search process to identify and hunt talents. No search is a difficult one. If the Client is depending on us and working closely with our team, the result will visible in short time.

We offer guidance and support to the Resources as we recognise that starting a new job or changing career can be a stressful and life changing event.